Constance Mars was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris.
She started playing the cello with Ruth Ehkirch at the music's school of Quimper (Brittany).

At the age of 16, she left to continue her studies at the „Conservatoire National de Région“ of Paris (CNR) as a student in Marcel Bardon’s class.

She often was chosen to be 1st cello of the „orchestre du Conservatoire“ and had the honor to play under the direction of Vitaly Kataiev, Michel Piquemal, Jacques Mercier and Emmanuel Rosenthal.

In 1991, after having obtained the „1er Prix: médaille d’or“, then, the „Prix d’Excellence“ of the Conservatoire, she left France to study under the supervision of Prof. Friedrich-Jürgen Sellheim at the „Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover”, Germany, until his death in march 1995. Then, she joined Klaus Heitz’class and, in 1996, obtained her diploma with the best marks.

In february 1997, she was accepted in Michael Sanderling’s soloist’s class in the „Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler, Berlin.

Two years later, she got the soloist’s diploma with the best marks.

Between 1996 and 2003, she was one of a few private students from Rudolf Metzmacher.

Thanks to many grants, Constance Mars could take part in many master-classes in Europe (for example with Yvan Chiffoleau, Emil Klein, or Siegfried Palm...).

During all these years, she was regularly invited to play as a soloist with an orchestra (for instance in Izmir, the Schumann’s concert in a-minor; in Hannover the „Rococo variations“; in Krefeld, the Haydn’s cello concert in d-major, etc...).
She received a „Special Prize“ for her performance in her duo with the pianist Ralf Kathmeyer in november 1995 in Hannover. Since then, she regularly plays in this formation ( in Hannover, then in Italy: Napoli, Bologna, Lugo di Ravenna, and recently in Konstanz) and had the honor to take part in the chambermusic’s festival in St-Guillem-le-désert in1998.

She was many times successfull in international competitions (for example in 1999 in the finale for the second solo-cello’s position of the Scala’s Theater, Milano or in the same year for the first cello-position in Bordeaux) and won in july 2000 the position as a cellist, in the National Radio Orchestra RAI Italian’s in Torino.

In september 2004, she decided to leave Turin for playing only chamber music with the pianist Ralf Kathmeyer, with whom in july 2005, she created the "Cervantes duo".

In january 2009, in cooperation with "medico international" Frankfort and "Handicap International" Munich, she recorded a CD with three solo Bach suites: nr.  2 , nr. 4  and nr. 6.

A part of Sales will be dedicated to the mine's victims.

Since august 2010, Constance Mars leaves in France, gives private cello lessons and is preparing exams for teaching the cello in a conservatorium in France.
Actually, she works in 2 conservatoriums in Carhaix and Quimperlé as Celloteacher.

She speaks italian, german and english fluently.


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